A network of people sharing their local knowledge

A service that allows you to connect with locals to access their local knowledge about your favourite activities in their town.

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We all have our interests, pastimes and hobbies that we are passionate about. We all have a thirst for extending our knowledge in these activities and sharing our knowledge with others who are interested.

LocalAdvice.net is a straightforward service that allows us to connect with others who have the same interests and hobbies, not just in our local area but in any other town we may be visiting now or in the future.

So if you just wish to chat with someone about your favourite activity or pastime, or organise someone to go and do the activity with, or just tap into their local knowledge about your hobby in that local area then LocalAdvice.net can help.

Interestingly, this simple concept of being able to search for local people from any location, is not able to be done using Google or Facebook.

But none of the above tell you that in the postcode area you are interested in that John Doe is a local who knows all about the best local places to fossick for gemstones, or is someone who you can chat with about photography or bird watching or knows the best unique local nightlife spots.

LocalAdvice.net is built around traditional knowledge sharing between people – search for locals by postcode area – choose from the results – and connect with them by simply emailing them your request.

LocalAdvice.net search results are only available to those who have joined the service. So if you have ever asked “Does anyone know of someone around here who can help me with ….?” then this service is for you.

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LocalAdvice.net is a community
  • Each member offers an activity or expertise enriched by their local knowledge, and only members can see what members in that postcode are offering.
  • Members can “reach out” to the local community to find someone to go fishing, golfing, fossicking etc with, or just to get access to the local knowledge regarding an activity.
LocalAdvice.net gets you local knowledge
  • LocalAdvice.net is NOT a dating or friends site.
  • LocalAdvice.net is a site for travellers / holiday makers or locals.
  • LocalAdvice.net is about real people sharing their passion about an activity with real people who may be visiting or travelling through the local area.
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